Frequently Asked Questions

What job types and skills do you resume lines cover?

Our 250+ resume lines span the following job types: General (applicable to all), Investment Banking, Trading, Investment Management, Research (Investment), Private Equity, Marketing & Growth, Product Management, Consulting (Strategy), Data Science & Analytics, Software Development, Sales, Business Development, and Operations.

They span the following skills: Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Teamwork, Communication, Problem Solving, Analysis, Strategic Thinking, Business Analysis, Project Management, Process Improvement, Quantitative Analysis, Modeling, Product Development, Market Research

Our 50+ metrics span the following industries: All (Metrics applicable to all jobs), Product Management, Software Engineering, Data Science / Business Analysis, Sales, Marketing, Consulting, Banking & Finance, Students (Metrics you can use even if you're a student), Other (everything else)

What if the category I want is not on the lists above?

Please write to us here with the job type or skill you’re looking for and we’ll let you know when we add real resume lines for that category to our database. In the meantime, we encourage you to use the other lines that we have available across all the other categories for inspiration. You can also search using keywords.

Can I see sample resume lines or metrics before I purchase Resume Worded Pro?


We offer free resume lines on our homepage which are a subset of all the lines (250+) in our database. Pro users have the same interface with search and the filters.

Similarly, you can find 10 metrics here which are a subset of all the metrics (50+) we have in our database. Free users get access to the explanations of the metrics we offer for free. Pro users get explanations for all 50+ metrics plus real line examples for each one.

How do I use the resume lines?

Great question. Learn More here.

What is Metrics?

If you want to land interviews at top companies, your resume needs to demonstrate impact to stand out. We explained how to do this here, but the gist of it is that you need to use numbers and metrics that provide quantifiable examples of your achievements. This helps employers know what kind of impact you can have at their company.

But, I'm not in a sales/finance role and I don't have access to revenue numbers or financials! What do I do?!

Our team gets asked this all the time. And this is why we've built Metrics: a handpicked list of metrics that you can use to quantify your achievements for all jobs. We explain exactly why and how to use each metric too.

What template should I use?

For top tier jobs, "standard" resumes work best. We recommend this template, which is directly from Harvard's Career Services.

I want more resume tips!

Sign up to our monthly newsletter here! We send out tips, real resumes and advice from recruiters, hiring managers and employees.

What is the source of your resume lines?

The resume lines are sourced from several hundred resumes from employees at top companies and business school students in our network. Of those, we handpicked the most impactful lines from each. We went one step further and improved each resume line to ensure their effectiveness.

Can I advertise / sponsor Resume Worded?

Yes. Use this form or email us to get in touch.

Can I copy these lines directly?

Please refrain from using any line word for word on your resume. Tweak and edit the line to suit your experience, instead of directly plagiarising it. Remember that every line on Resume Worded is a real line used by a successful candidate on a real resume. Company names and project specifics were changed for confidentiality.

Do not outright lie on your resume. It may be tempting to find a really powerful line on this site and use it as is on your resume, even if it does not reflect your true experience. Please do not do this. Remember that you will be still asked about your resume in the interview. The goal of Resume Worded is only to provide inspiration and help you paint the best picture of yourself.

How do you process payments?

We use Paddle to process payments. Paddle or Resume Worded never view or store any customer’s full credit or debit card details on our platform. Paddle uses a number of Payment Card Industry (“PCI”) compliant providers to process credit and debit card transactions and as an additional security measure uses a third party tokenisation service as a layer between Paddle and the providers. We are PCI compliant and adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. As set out above, all credit card transactions are handled on Paddle's behalf by PCI compliant providers. We accept Paypal as well as any major debit or credit card.

Anything else?

If you have any questions, feature suggestions, or feedback, please get in touch using this form or email.