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We've been lucky to have helped over 100,000 people since we launched in October 2017. We just wanted to say thank you to our users and customers for supporting our team as we've grown.

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Testimonials from our users
  •   This is a great tool to get some benchmark advice and save a lot of time

    This new app scores the quality of your resume - The American Genius  

      I've been visiting Resume Worded for a long time since it was first hunted here. It helped me improve my CV so much. Since I'm actively looking for a job now, I'm more than ever visiting the site, highly recommend it! 

    Akke's Customer Review - Product Hunt  

      More helpful than my colleges career development center! 

    Scott's Customer Review - Product Hunt  

      Very easy to use and the feedback is comprehensive; it appears to encompass all those important aspects. Great product

    Jeroen's Customer Review on Score My Resume - Product Hunt  

      I'm not a native English speaker and have paid over $300 on resume writing services in the past. None of those services have helped me as much as Resume Worded

    Customer Review from Jin Y at Google

      It is very impressive

    Karan's Customer Review on Score My Resume - Product Hunt  

      The technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze, score, and give actionable feedback on your resume. 

    How to write effective bullet points for your resume - Recruiter.com  

  •   A product that will help you quickly improve your LinkedIn profile. 

    (Translation from French: Produit web qui vous aidera à rapidement améliorer votre profil LinkedIn); "LinkedIn Review : un outil gratuit pour optimiser votre profil LinkedIn" - Siècle Digital  

      While these other apps are telling you what you need to include in your document, they don’t necessarily teach you how to describe your achievements. That’s what Resume Worded is for

    5 Useful Sites to Prepare a CV That Gets Read in 2018 - MakeUseOf  

       Thank you so much for building Resume Worded, It dramatically helped me improve my resume and played a huge part in me getting hired.

    Customer Review from Kevin - Data Scientist

      This is awesome. In 30 seconds I was able to add my profile and receive a number of high-quality practical suggestions to make my profile better.  

    Cam's Customer Review on our LinkedIn Review product - Product Hunt  

      The templates section is AWESOME

    This new app scores the quality of your resume - The American Genius  

      Resume Worded actually gave me examples that I could just drop into my CV - a serious timesaver. No fluff, just solid resume lines and metrics. Thanks for the product! 

    Customer Review from Joshua at University of Southern California

    Featured as part of Y-Combinator Startup School

    Y-Combinator Startup School 

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